Build Your Own Gaming PC


How to Build Your Own Gaming PC? Many kids (and many not so kids) would love to do this, however the biggest hurdle is finding the information you need to get the job done properly.

For example, if you are going to spend some hard earned dollars on this task, you want to be sure that your new Gaming Computer will do the job for you.

In this Blog, we will discuss the various steps you can take to help you gain the confidence to be successful with your build.

What is your Gaming Rig for?

Well of course your new Gaming PC will be for playing games! However, what games you want to play is the most important question you need to answer.

The type of games. and even simply specific games will set the level of hardware you need.

Your selected games will also set the budget for your new Gaming PC.

Research the games you want to play, check out those games with others, and decide just how many games, and exactly which games you want to play.

This will help you on your way towards the steps of selecting hardware.

Hardware Considerations

After working out the demands on your hardware by completing step 1, you now need to do even more research on the hardware selection.

Here are the main components that you need to think about…

  • Intel or AMD based systems
  • Motherboard Brand and features
  • Air Cooling or Liquid Cooling
  • Ram Compatibility for your motherboard type
  • Overclocked system, or standard clock rates
  • Hard Drives for Operating System and Game Storage

Check out this great article by Intel on Air Cooling Vs Liquid Cooling

The Next Step

A great way to move forward with your project is to come in and have a chat to our staff.

David is an avid gamer, with many years of experience playing games, and building computers – the perfect combination!

We can assist by offering the best hardware list for your needs, or even better, setting you up with a “Build It Here” opportunity.

Learn from our experience, and use our workshop to be safely guided in the methods of assembly, testing and completing your new Gaming PC.

Build Your Own rig HERE!

  • Learn From Us

  • Use Our Workshop

  • Not Expensive