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Have a question?

Check out some common questions we often help with…


Can you stop SPAM emails?

Trying to stop SPAM is like putting a sign on your letter box “No Junk Mail”

You can’t stop people putting stuff in your mailbox. The same goes for Junk / Spam mail. The best thing you can do is create junk rules that delete emails. Never press the UN-Subscribe button on the bottom of an email, it often leads to an increase in unwanted mail.


Why is printer ink so expensive?

Most business’s selling  printer ink are doing so at very low margins. There are printers that are dirt cheap to run, but cost more to purchase. Pop into the shop for the best advise on the correct printer for your printing habits.

Is my cloud storage a good backup?

This is a complex question, however the short answer is NO. Dropbox, One Drive, Apple cloud storage and others are NOT backups.  We can advise on the best solution for you to minimise the risk of lost data.


Do you repair laptops?

Yes! We fix most problems with laptops. Some problems are not worth the cost of repair, and we always balance the cost of a repair with the question of “is this a good use of my money”

Call us for a phone consult, or come in with your laptop and charger for a no obligation quote.

Do you repair phones?

 No, we don’t do phone repairs. We can advise on the best place for your repair depending on the phone brand, the problem and your location. We are happy to discuss this with you if you are unsure where to go.\

We WILL do transfers of data from your old phone to your new phone! Samsung to Apple and visa-versa.


I have spilt liquid into my laptop, can you fix it?

Yes we can, but not all the time. If you have just done this, turn your laptop upside down and open like a tent. In a warm place (not hot) and leave it unplugged for 24 hours. Then bring it in for us to carefully check it and try a power up.

Even if you have killed your device, we can often recover your information off your dead device.


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