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3.5mm Stereo Extension 2m

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A 3.5mm stereo extension 2m is a type of audio cable that is commonly used to extend the length of a headphone or audio cable. The “3.5mm” refers to the diameter of the audio jack that is commonly used in smartphones, tablets, and other portable audio devices. The “stereo” refers to the fact that the cable carries two channels of audio – left and right – which is typical for headphones and most audio equipment.

The “extension” part of the cable means that it is used to extend the length of an existing audio cable, such as one that is built into a pair of headphones or a portable speaker. The cable is typically 2 meters (6.5 feet) long, which provides enough length to move around without having to be too close to the audio source.

Overall, a 3.5mm stereo extension 2m is a useful accessory for anyone who needs to extend the length of their headphone or audio cable, and it is commonly used in a variety of settings such as homes, offices, and on-the-go.

Out of stock

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