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D-link 8 Port /4poe Switch

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The D-Link 8 port/4PoE switch is a networking device designed to expand the connectivity of a small business or home office network. It features eight Ethernet ports, four of which are Power over Ethenet (PoE) enabled, allowing the switch to power PoE-compatible devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points without the need for separate power supplies.

The switch has a compact, desktop design that makes it easy to integrate into a variety of environments. It supports 10/100 Mbps speeds, and its non-blocking architecture ensures that all eight ports can operate at full capacity simultaneously.

In addition, the D-Link 8 port/4PoE switch is easy to set up and manage. It comes with a web-based user interface that allows users to configure and monitor the switch remotely, and it supports a range of advanced features such as VLANs, Quality of Service (QoS), and port mirroring.

Overall, the D-Link 8 port/4PoE switch is a versatile and reliable networking solution that can help businesses and homeowners expand their network capabilities and improve their connectivity.

Out of stock

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