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Hp Z4 G45 Workstation Desktop

$2,400.00 inc GST ($AU)


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Introducing the powerhouse HP Workstation, engineered to meet the demands of professionals and creators!

Equipped with an Intel Core i7 Gen 9 processor, this workstation delivers exceptional performance and processing power, ensuring seamless multitasking and smooth operation even for the most resource-intensive tasks.

With 16GB of RAM, this workstation provides ample memory to handle complex projects and data-intensive applications with ease. The 500GB SSD offers lightning-fast storage, allowing quick access to your files and ensuring efficient workflow. The Nvidea Quadro P8000 Cad Workstation Graphics Card delivers stunning visuals and supports advanced rendering capabilities for a truly immersive experience.

Designed for reliability and durability, the HP Workstation is built to withstand the demands of professional environments. Whether you’re working on CAD design, video editing, or 3D modeling, this workstation is your ultimate tool.

Upgrade to the HP Workstation and unlock the full potential of your creative endeavors. Experience uncompromising performance and reliability, empowering you to achieve your professional goals with ease. Elevate your work to new heights with the HP Workstation!

> HP Workstation
> Intel Core i7 Gen 9 CPU
> 16gb RAM
> 500GB SSD
> Nvidea Quadro P8000 Cad Workstation Graphics Card

In stock

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