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Logitech Z120 Usb Spk

$59.00 inc GST ($AU)


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These Logitech Z120 Speakers are a great way to listen to music and other audio from your computer. They are simply powered by the USB connection to your computer and they have an inbuilt 3.5 mm audioinput so you can also play music straight from an MP3 player or other source via an AUX cable.

> You can use any standard 3.5 mm connection to play music through these speakers.
> They are USB powered so you don’t need any additional power source.
> The speakers have a total wattage of 1.2 W.
> It’s easy to adjust the volume or turn the power on and off thanks to the inbuilt controls.
>These speakers have an ultra compact design which makes them easy to move around and use in tight spaces.

In stock

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