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Shokz Openrun Pro Premium Bone-conduction Open-ear Sport Headphones With Microphones In Black

$299.00 inc GST ($AU)


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The Black OpenRun Pro from Shokz is a premium, wireless, open-ear sport headphone designed for the ultimate athlete.

OpenRun Pro is engineered with 9th-generation, patented bone-conduction technology to deliver superior PremiumPitch 2.0+ audio through your cheekbone, leaving your ears open to environmental surroundings and providing all-day comfort.

OpenRun Pro are powered by Shokz TurboPitch Technology, which adds 2 bas enhancers into the transducers, allowing you to experience every note, beat and chorus of your favorite tunes, with a refined design and compact size, OpenRun Pro sports a lightweight and flexible titanium frame, ensuring a secure fit that will stay in place during any workout, run or competition.

Crush your training goals and stay aware of traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and more with Shokz OpenRun Pro sport headphones.

In stock

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