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Usb Print Cable 3m

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A USB print cable is a type of cable used to connect a computer or other device to a printer. The “3M” in the name typically refers to the length of the cable, which in this case would be 3 meters, or approximately 10 feet.

The cable typically has a USB Type A connector on one end, which is designed to plug into a USB port on a computer or other device. The other end of the cable usually has a USB Type B connector, which is designed to plug into the corresponding port on the printer.

The cable is used to transmit data between the computer and the printer, allowing the computer to send print jobs to the printer. It may also be used to transfer files and other data between the computer and the printer.

When purchasing a USB print cable, it is important to ensure that the cable is compatible with both the computer and the printer. In addition, the length of the cable should be appropriate for the distance between the two devices, as using a cable that is too long or too short can cause data transmission issues.

Out of stock

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