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Usb Std Split Cable – Hdd

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A USB STD SPLIT CABLE – HDD, also known as a Y-cable or a dual USB cable, is a type of cable that allows you to connect an external hard disk drive (HDD) to a computer or other device that has a USB prt.

The cable is called a “split cable” because it has two USB connectors on one end that split off into a single connector on the other end, allowing it to draw power from two USB ports simultaneously. One of the USB connectors is used for data transfer, while the other is used for additional power to ensure the HDD gets enough power to function properly.

The purpose of this cable is to provide enough power to the external HDD, as some devices with USB ports may not provide enough power to operate the HDD without an additional power source. The split cable allows for a more stable and consistent power supply to the HDD, which is essential for reliable operation and preventing data loss.

Overall, the USB STD SPLIT CABLE – HDD is a convenient and useful cable for connecting external hard disk drives to computers or other devices, particularly when additional power is needed for reliable operation.

In stock

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