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Viral & Security Repairs

Popups? Been Hacked? Slow Computer?

We can help…

  • Countless Popus interupting your day?
  • Computer becoming un-responsive?
  • Unexpected search results in your internet browser?

These symptoms are just a few of the many problems that raise their head when you have virus or security problems with your computer.

Am I Protected?

Not all anti-virus products are the same.

Many of them spend most of their time advertising more features at you. This slows down your computer, and remarkably, they then offer you a feature to speed your computer up!

We will get you off this merry-go-round, and onto a no fuss easy to use virus & security package that quietly gets the job done… without annoying you with more offers.


Every time we learn how to fix a problem, we lock that answer into a proceedure.

This has helped us develop a 14 step process that guarantees a complete viral and security clean of your computer, without loss of information from your computer.

Even the banks trust our work, and accept our reports as proof that a customers computer (and phones etc) are clean after a hack!

Data Recovery

Don't trust your missing photos to just anyone, we work tirelessly to recover any lost data...

Viral Cleaning

We use 14 documented steps on every virus cleaning job. 100% clean a certainty.

General Problems

If you have a problem, we have a solution. So far, we havent been stumped...


Our Packages

While we have some package pricing for regular problems, we also run all other repairs on an hourly rate. We don’t just clock up the hours and send you a huge bill, most of our work is covered by a safety net, and we always call you for cost approval if the repair is going beyond what we have discussed with you.


What Our Customers Say

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We love happy customers!

Excellent Service

New Laptop

Thoroughly recommend The Computer Company. They gave me excellent advice and complete confidence when purchasing a new laptop (swapping to a brand I’ve not heard of before - I love it!) - was up and running with all data transferred same day! Wonderful to have such knowledge & service available to us locally.

Jill Kilpatrick

Professional Service

Virus Clean

Got great service from The Computer Company when viruses appeared on my laptop. 24-hour turnaround and I had it back virus-free.

Russell and the team have saved me several times, and always have great advice.

Christopher Finch

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